Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saizeriya @ The Cathay

It had been 4 years since I last visited Saizeriya. Getting older. Compared to my visit 4 years ago, the portion seemed to shrink a significant bit.

Mushroom soup - $2.90

Really thick and rich mushroom soup with lots of mushroom bits in it. Thankfully the portion is just right so it does not get too cloying. I would love it if they serve this with a small piece of garlic bread.

Free flow drink bar - $2.80

I tried some latte, Schweppes and ice milo. Definite nono for instant coffee. Get the soft drinks instead.

4 "Wings" - $3.95

Somehow the spacing made the portion looks pathetic. Juicy and oily at the same time. The skin was a little crispy. Come to think about it, $1 for a joint of a wing is very expensive. I felt cheated.

Pepper Chicken Steak - $6.90

My main dish. Portion was tiny. Comes with a chicken chop, some corn and three potato wedges. I believe the dipping sauce is brown sauce mixed with vinegar. (I hope my taste buds were right) Chicken is juicy. The dipping sauce was a saver as it made the dish tasted better if not, a little bland. A side note: I really don't like corn.

Oven Grilled Escargots - $5.90

Escargots were a little oily and buttery. The texture is in between a scallop and cockle. It was pretty nice and I finished it in 30 seconds. 

I always find that Saizeriya is a value for money place to dine in but now it seems like it is not the case anymore. However, I really like that they now have a bell on the table to page the staff when we are ready to order so we do not have to wave like idiots to get their attention. 

Decent food (pathetic portion), clean environment and I love the drink bar.

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