Monday, May 17, 2010

Saizeriya Ristorante E Caffe, Liang Court

Saizeriya a Japanese chain of Italian family-style restaurant.

177 River Valley Road, #02-22 Liang Court Shopping Centre, Singapore

9 inches (diameter), Bacon and pineapple pizza - $6.98. I love the mozzarella cheese! If you like Canadian pizza, you will like this.

Creamy blended mushroom soup -$2.98. I don't really like this. The texture of the mushroom bits and the taste of cream is a little too strong.

Spicy drumlets. (8pcs) This one taste like the pizza hut's drumlets. It's well seasoned and a little spicy. Must try.

Mushroom meat spaghetti - $5.98 (Cream based) The presentation isn't this bad, I stirred and mixed it a little. The actually dish served isn't as colorful as the one in the menu. Lots of mushroom and very little minced beef. Eat with the mushroom or it taste rather bland.

6 Cheese baked scallops, $5.98

This is one of those that taste better! Try this if you love seafood.

Overall, the ambiance is good. The food is pretty decent if you order the right ones. I heard that the seafood chowder and escargots are good. The plus point is that the food served are cheap.

3.5 stars!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stick @ central, Clarke Quay

The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen StreetB1-54/55, Singapore 059817

Blueberry rock, 70g - $2.90

This one of the more well known confectionery. I like the different kinds of design and flavours. You can check them out here. There are samples in jars which you can try and then decide which ones to buy. i saw lots of people standing around to watch how they make sticky.

The blue coating taste of blueberry while the white inner core is sour.

Nutritional information: (per 100g)

Energy 1650kJ
Protein 0.0g
Fat(total) 0.0g
-saturated 0.0g
-carbohydrates 96.5g
-sugar 88.6g
sodium 28mg

Sugar, glucose, water, may include colors 102, 110, 122, 123, 124, 133 ,155 171, citric acid, flavors added. May contain traces of nut or beeswax.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Meiji Ice Cream

Meiji Ice cream $5.80

Got this at cold storage. 10sticks in a pack, made in Japan.

This really small like magnum mini. Wait. It's even smaller than magnum mini. It actually consist of vanilla ice cream, which is coated with a layer of bubble gum flavored ice. It taste a little like f&n's ice cream soda.

I can't read Japanese but I think it says 56kcal per stick.

Ingredients: Dairy product sugar, apple juice, vegetable fat, stabilizer, emulsifier, flavor, color.

Pretty yummy - 3.5 stars.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Suntec City Mall #B1-0623 Temasek Boulevard Tel: 6338 7166
Daily 11.30am -10.00pm

Premium set - $24.90 Comes with beef, watermelon slices, egg tofu(crab stick, chicken, mushroom, gingko nut), miso soup, salmon sashimi slices, one bowl of rice and one tofu cube with fish roe on top. I love the sashimi with wasabi!

Unagi and tofu. The usual. Some unagi have very strong fishy taste but this one is handled well. The soft tofu slips down my throat.

Beef! Very tender slices. You will have to wait a while for the beef to cook. The gravy taste like fermented soybeans which goes really well with the rice.

Beef again! The thinly sliced beef has a good texture.

Ieyasu drink. Very creamy avocado. Taste really good at first but I got sick of it later.

Overall, Ichiban Boshi's food are really delicious. One premium meal can make me feel full for the whole day. The staff are really friendly too. The premium meals are a little expensive for students but I guess good food means you have to pay more. There are cheaper set meals too. If you are looking for good Japanese restaurant in Singapore, you can check this one out.

Rating: 5 stars!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Uncle Tobys Yogurt Topps Apricot

Price:$6.20 (6 muesli bars)

This is delicious! Like all muesli, you have to chew like crazy. The yogurt layer goes really well with the muesli. Wholegrains are really good for health.

Nutritional facts: (per bar)

Energy - 570KJ approx. (150calories)
Protein -2.0g
Fat (Total) -5.1g
Saturated -2.8g
Carbohydrates -19.4g
Sugar -9.4g
Dietary Fibre -1.6g
Sodium -10mg

Ingredients: Wholegrain cereals (30%) Uncle Tobys rolled oats (22%) Whole wheat (8%), Yogurt compound (sugar, vegetable fat, skim yogurt powder, whey powder, emulsifiers (soy lecithin 492), food acid(citric), glucose (wheat), sugar, dried apricot (5%), vegetable oil(emulisifier (soy lecithin), antioxidants (304-206) dried apple, maize starch, coconut humectant (sorbitol), almonds, honey, oats, flour, rice flour

Some ingredients may contain sulphur dioxide to maintain natural color and shelf life.

Ratings: 4 stars.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Maynards Wine Gums

Many of you are wondering if you can Maynards wine gums in Singapore.

The answer is yes.

I got it at Carrefour, Plaza Singapura (level 1). The sweet section obviously. I guess some of you wanted to get this because you watched the wine gum experiment by Charlie Mcdonnell on youtube.

(68 Orchard Road Plaza Singapura Singapore 238839) Last checked December 2011 (They are still selling it, search carefully)

Price: $4.50

They only have one type of packaging.

A little history and facts about wine gums:

1) Maynards was founded in 1896 by Charles Riley Maynard.

2)Maynards has since been bought by Cadbury and now sells over £50m of sweets.

3) Wine gums do not contain WINE. The name comes from the lingering, subtle fruit flavours that make it "similar to the experience of savouring a fine wine". In reference to this, the sweets have the names of alcoholic drinks on them, for example port, sherry, champagne, claret, gin, Rioja, Chablis and Burgundy.

Let's do a little wine gum experiment with my packet of wine gums.

(I ate one red and one yellow due to the lack of space)

Pathetic blackcurrant. So it's true that the flavors are not evenly distributed. The pastilles are chewy. Red-taste like strawberry, orange - orange, yellow - lemon, green - lime, black - blackcurrant. One good thing about it is that they don't stuck in my teeth unlike many pastilles.

Inspired by charlieissocoollike.

Maynards wine gum nutritional facts: (Per sweet)

Energy (75KJ) - 20calories
Protein -0.3g
Carbohydrates -4.1g
(of which sugars) - 3.0g
(of which saturated) -0.2g
Sodium -Trace

Ingredients: Glucose syrup, sugar, modified maize starch, gelatine (bovine), water, acids(malic, acetic, citric), vegetable oil, concentrated vegetable extracts (black carrot, spinach, stinging nettle, tumeric) Flavours, glazing agent (carnauba wax), colors (vegetable carbon, paprika extract, lutein.

contain: Sulphites. May contain milk, wheat.

Ratings:3 stars.

PS:Too much sweets is not good for the body.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Aston @ Cathay

Hey! I met my friends to try out the food at Aston. We visited the Cathay outlet. We went around 7pm and have to queue for 45mins! Gosh! The good thing was that the food was rather cheap.

I ordered the black pepper chicken: $5.90 It comes with two side dishes so i chose Pasta salad and mashed potatoes. The chicken is really tender and goes really well with the pepper sauce. Everything just taste great! Perhaps because the 45mins made me really hungry!

I tasted the same plate of dish at the Jurong outlet. The pepper was way hotter than the one at Cathay. I guess the cooking is not consistent but the point is that the food taste good.

Check out the menu here:Aston Menu

Rating: 4 stars!

April 2012

I'd visited the place again after so long and I ordered the same plate of food and it costed me $8.20 with plain drinking water. Price hikes everywhere. Darn.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Meiji Products (Singapore)

Hi. I just started this food blog. I shall post everything I ate!

Meiji sales have offers every now and then at quality road so you have to scout for these offers.

This is bought at Meiji sales! Cost: $2.30
If you wanna know how big is this box, it is actually the size of 2 and a half Apple iphone. It tastes very familiar like...

Karl cheese.

Basically, it just have the cheese and corn taste. This is super addictive and you should try!

Petit Brunch (2x87g) $2.24

Flavors: Chicken/Curry
One thing i like about meiji is that they make most snacks bite size. If you ever tried chicken biscuits in your primary school, it taste just like it. This probably contains msg because I feel really thirsty after eating them.
3 stars.

I placed one Pucca on top so you can see how it looks like. If you had ever tried the hello panda, this taste like it. The differences are that the texture of the Pucca is smoother than hello panda and it's much harder(pretzel like) too. Personally, I prefer Hello Panda and the strawberry flavor! The good thing is that it is not too sweet so you can much on one after another.

4 stars for Strawberry Hello Panda!
3 stars for Pucca.

You can buy them at fairprice.
Hello panda 57.5g $0.95 (Cookie and cream/cream/strawberry/Chocolate/Double chocolate)
Pucca 50g $1.20 (Chocolate/Strawberry)

I don't know what this is but it taste exactly like Yan yan. The only difference is the tiny sugar balls that you can dip it in.


I saw this at Fairprice.

I actually ate most of their products. Shall update you people the next time.