Sunday, August 11, 2013

Nook DIY Pancake House @ Bukit Timah

Location: Bukit Timah, 21 Lorong Kilat,#01-03 S’pore 598123
Opening Hours : 
Monday – Friday, 12pm – 10pm
Saturday, 10am – 10pm
Sunday, 10am – 10pm
Phone : 6466 1811

Last week my friends and I went to the Nook's Pancake House for dinner. The place is a little hard to find because it was late at night (so it was really dark) plus it was located at some hidden corner of the street. Nook's pancake serves pancakes and other dishes like soups, salads and all day breakfast set.

Creamy mushroom soup - $8.90

This does not taste like campbell mushroom soup at all. It ihas a thicker consistency with mushroom bits in it. I don't know why this reminds me so much of thick coconutty curry chicken gravy. The first few mouthful was really great but it gets a little cloying towards the end.

Please do click to enlarge. Check out Nook's pancake menu on I don't know why they don't put the prices on the website. I always quote prices of the food I ate on my website because I prefer the certainty of knowing the pricing and knowing what to expect so I thought other people might feel the same.

Some free flow chocolate and maple syrup for our pancakes!

Nook ran out of nutella so the leftover spread was actually on the house. We choose cheddar cheese and oreo chunks for our toppings and gourmet chicken sausages and hashbrown as savoury fixings.

Original and red velvet pancake mixture. These bottles remind me of the glass deco art I used to do in school. Strangely, I miss the idea of wearing a uniform and spending time in school doing nothing in particular with my friends.

The following are some ugly pancakes I did:

Ugly pancake #1 with chocolate syrup.

Normal pancake with cheese sandwiched in it and some leftover syrup on the plate.

I tried to make some mohawk evil creature.

As expected it looked ugly but it taste so good with maple syrup.

Random crazy swirly bear.

Pancakes are just pancakes to me. Soft and fluffy and they don't go wrong most of the time.

More pancakes.

This is Patrick's back view decorated with some leftover parsley.

Breakfast bully - $18

The set consists of garden salad, ham, sausages, bacon, bread, mushrooms, baked beans and eggs. I may be wrong but I think these are chipotle sausages. I love the mushrooms and garden salad the most. Big portion breakfast.

To sum everything up I think Nook's pancake house has a good concept.

Pancakes are cheap and easy to make with instant food available almost in every mart or supermarket. It is the idea of making of "do it yourself" pancakes they are selling. 10 bucks for a bottle of pancake mix is a little expensive for me but it I think they probably can justify it with the rent and decorations. The other dishes on the menu are pretty good as well and in my opinion more value for money.

Nonetheless, I still enjoyed myself decorating and eating my own pancakes. It is a good place for parents to bring kids to and have a good time. While eating there, the family with young kids were so excited.