Friday, May 31, 2013

Watami @ JCube

Location: 2 Jurong East Central 1 #01-17 JCube
Nearest station: Jurong East MRT

Celebrated my birthday today with my mum and my brother. It's a Friday afternoon, around 2 pm so there weren't a lot of people. It took us literally 30 seconds to get the queue number from the machine and to be served. Pretty efficient.

Kushiyaki Miso Onigiri - $4.90

For a starter, we ordered mini skewed onigiri. This tasted like the meatball onigiri I tasted in Japan. I believe the meatball on top is minced pork which tasted sweet. Sort of reminds me of Chinese Ba zhang but this is not oily at all as the rice ball is grilled. The mince and super soft contrasted with the chewy rice ball. Pretty nice.

Kankoku Butechige - $16.80

I'm surprised to find Korean Butechige here. We really love korean food so we decided to give this a go. Butechige soup base is basically a stew with gochujang (red chilli paste) and kimchi.

There is a lot of stuff in it: ramen, pork belly, sausages, tteok (korean rice cake), enokitake mushroom (Jing Zhen Gu), carrots, bean sprouts, tofu, cabbages, spring onions and kimchi. This picture was taken before the extra soup base was added in.

Soup base is quite thick and tasted kimchi-ish with slight taste of fermented soya bean.Ramen noodles are typical korean magi mee which is pretty springy. This is my first time tasting korean chige so I'm not sure if has the "authentic" taste but it tasted pretty good to me.

Watami Tonkotsu Ramen - $12.80

Char Siew is soft and tender but with a thick layer of fat.  I really hate pork smell but this ramen doesn't have the pungent pork smell at all. Soup base of sweet pork bone goodness and is mildly oily. The ramen is acceptable but not as springy as those ramen I ate in Japan.

I really love ramen but with all the dishes we ordered kinda of order overshadows this bowl of goodness.

Ika Maru Yaki -$12.80

Grilled squid. This one long squid. Surprisingly, this looks as good as it taste. The squid is easy to chew and well marinated. I love the grill taste and together with the mayonnaise, it tasted like takoyaki only without the batter and bonito flakes.

Zaru Soba - $7.80

Just wished that the soba is a little colder. The dipping broth is really good when you mix in the wasabi and spring onion.

Hot green tea - Free

Passionfruit tea - $4.80

Passionfruit juice with jelly and tapioca pearls at the bottom. This is one tall glass of drink. Not too sweet.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with Watami. The food is pretty delectable.

As we are seated next to the glass, passerby kept staring at our food. Service wise, the crew are not very attentive and it took a little time to get our order and bill. (They are friendly though.) It gets crowded during dinner hours at Watami, in fact most restaurants in Jcube.

Total damage:  $70.50 in total inclusive of gst and service charge for 3 people. I definitely recommend this place.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kim: Bird's Nest

Guess what I got today. Just a casual comment on me wanting to get a bird's nest drink and I got one from my mum. Sweet. Really nice of her.

Kim Bird's Nest Beverage - $2.50

Apparently, this bottle contains genuine bird's nest. I'd tried Super's bird's nest drink before and this one taste similar, like some rock sugar water. However the texture of the bird's nest is completely different. This one is really smooth and jelly-like.

Anyway I'm always into packaging design and I thought the cap is really cool. The text  says: PULL OUT THEN UP.


Friday, May 24, 2013

Popeyes @ Singapore Flyer

Ate at the Singapore Flyer with a friend of mine today.

Popeyes 2 piece Chicken set - $7.50

Comes with @ pieces of Chicken, masked potato, scone and a drink. I love popeyes chicken, they are crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside.

This is better than KFC's mashed potato in my opinion. Simply love the pepper and herbs. I also like the bits of potato that adds to the texture. Yum.

Scone is by nature is a little dry. Nice buttery taste and even better with a little jam. Nice little sinful fast food.

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Palette @ NTU

Location: NTU North Spine, Blk N2.1 76 Nanyang Drive, #01-04 , Jalan Bahar, 637331

Back with another NTU foodhunt.

Black Pepper Chicken Chop with Corn Soup and a drink - $6.50

Late lunch at NTU the palette today. It is a school holiday so there isn't much of a crowd. Chicken chop is tender with black pepper sauce. I guess most black pepper chop taste the same but if you were to ask me to choose between the black pepper chicken chop in Astons or the Palette, I would choose Astons because it is much juicer.

A small scoop of mashed potato that is good to go with the black pepper sauce and some boiled carrots and broccoli. Overall, a pretty healthy dish without the chicken skin so if you're on a diet, this is pretty harmless.

Corn soup tasted like... corn soup. I don't really like corn soup so this was okay. This is pretty good place to dine if you're looking for some cheap restaurant to dine. Good ambiance, decent food.