Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Teadot Cafe @ Westgate

Regular Yuzu Oolong - $6.45 

This is pretty ordinary, Oolong tea with some Yuzu skin on the bottom. It is basically sugar and citrus so you need to stir to dissolve the crystals. If you had tried the Korean Citron Tea, it is about the same.

Lemon Merigue - $4.80

This is my favourite. I love lemon pastries. Lemon bars, lemon tarts you name it.  This lemon merigue is flavourful. Sweet and sour lemon with yummy cream on top. Love the thick crust.

Opera - $6.90

Rich coffee and chocolate. I can taste the layers, cake, coffee and cream. I really love this as well.

Matcha Latte - $6.80

You can choose any artwork to go with your cup of latte I chose to have a cat. I think the artisan added too much milk while trying to create the cat face for me. It was too milky and overpowered the green tea. 

I love the design of the teadot cafe. Relaxing place to chill with a couple of friends. There aren't usually many people here as the food is a little expensive. I think the drinks are way overpriced but the pastries are worth it and definitely a must try if you are here at Teadot.

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