Saturday, August 30, 2014

Chomp Chomp @ Serangoon

I had some great food at Chomp Chomp but one thing I really hate is the amount of touting going on. An uncle kept coming towards our table and shoving his menu at our face. We eventually bought the oyster omelette from him but it doesn't taste that awesome so I won't be posting it.

Hokkien mee - $5

This Hokkien mee is near the entrance of Chomp Chomp. It tasted fantastic and there was a long queue. They used pork lard to cook this so it is really sinful but flavourful. The noodles absorbed the stock really well and the sambal chilli is awesome. A good amount of seafood can be found within and the portion is definitely worth the price.

Chicken wings - 1 for $1.20 (Drumstick plus wing)

Taste like any other chicken wing you can buy at a western stall but it goes well with Hokkien mee.

Sugar cane with lemon - $1.50

Large cup of sugar cane juice. The shop looked the cleanest and hence we bought it there. The price of the sugar cane cost the same with or without lemon so just go with the lemon! Very refreshing!

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