Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shin Ramyun

Instant noodles Part 2. Introducing my favorite brand of Ramyun. Shin Ramyun is pretty famous in Korean as well as outside of Korean. If you're into Korean dramas, you probably heard if this kind of Ramyun.

These Ramyun comes in packs of 5. The first one is the Potato and Ribs Ramyun. (Pork)

Price: Fairprice, $3.75 (5's)

One thing I love about Shin Ramyun is the springy ramyun. The ramyun is thicker than the usual instant noodles. This is the first time I tried the pork flavor. The soup base of this is thicker I believe it's because of the starch present but you can find bits of potatoes and vegetable in it. Pretty delicious.

The next one is the spicy mushroom flavor, comes in pack of 5 as well.

Price: $3.75

This one is pretty spicy. When eating Shin ramyun, I prefer adding less water to make the soup base thicker. This one comes with vegetables and mushroom bits.

It really goes well with a thick slice of salmon as side. Pretty satisfying! Unhealthy but yummylicious.

Rating: 4/5 Must try!

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