Sunday, October 28, 2012


All the ingredients are bought from NTUC, Fairprice @ Jurong point.

Shokaku premium rice - $9.40

Tamagoyaki (Sweet egg roll)

Cucumbers, carrots and pickled radish.

Avocado. (Really creamy!)
Tip: Choose softer and darker skin avocados.

Salmon - $8.40 The best part about making sushi is that you can cut your sashimi really thick! Remember to buy raw ingredients on the same day you are making the sushi (For freshness)

Chuka Kurage (Seasoned Jellyfish) - $5.42

Chuka Hotate - $6.59

Chuka Wakame (Seasoned seaweed) - $5.82

I forgot the take a picture but the Tobikko (Flying fish roe) cost $5.90 Noticed the strange prices of the ingredients? That is because they are measured by weight so each pack will differ.

Mizkan sushi mix - $4 per pack. The sushi mix is actually vinegar powder.

Instructions (while the rice is hot):

1) In a large bowl, evenly sprinkle 1 pouch of Mizkan powdered sushi mix on 700g of cooked rice(290g of raw rice)
2) Mix thoroughly, then cool the rice mixture.
3)Spread rice on seaweed top with temaki sushi ingredients (salmon, avocado, cucumber, etc) and roll.

I think the key to making a good sushi is the rice!
Tip: If the rice is too wet, leave it on the table for a few hours and the moisture will be gone.

Generous spread of whatever stuff I like.

Tip: Remember to moisten the knife before you cut (Prevent the pearl rice from sticking on to the knife) and do not add too much ingredients or you will end up getting the ugly sushi like me. Haha.

Cut the seaweed into strips to make these! Pretty messy! The sushi are surprisingly awesome! (Big portion of salmon)

Making sushi can be very expensive as the ingredients come in quite a big portion but if you make it with like 5-6 people, you can split the cost. This is definitely cheaper than buying sushi from shops! You gotta try making sushi if you can!

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